About Us

Huashi Group Holdings Limited

Huashi Group Holdings Limited are a branding, advertising and marketing service provider based in Hubei Province, the PRC, providing services across the entire value chain from market research through collaboration with research institutes to execution of branding, advertising and marketing projects through collaboration with different media resources suppliers so as to assist brand owners, advertisers and advertising agents in formulating and implementing effective service proposals to fulfil their promotional needs and marketing objectives, thereby further enhancing their brand reputation to targeted recipients, and improving the competitiveness and market share of their products or services.

Our customers comprise (i) brand owners and advertisers, including private and state-owned enterprises and government authorities; and (ii) advertising agents, from a diversified spectrum of industries including beverage, healthcare food production, automobile manufacturing, household essentials manufacturing, tourism and agricultural and related food processing.

Our Services comprise (i) branding services; (ii)advertising services, comprising traditional offline media advertising services and online media advertising services, through traditional offline media such as TV, radio and outdoor advertising space and online media such as websites, search engines, applications and social media platforms; (iii) ) event execution and production services through organisation and implementation of marketing events to promote the brands, products and/or services of our customers; and (iv) provision of advertisement placement services (including rebates from Media Partner), which comprises formulation of online advertisement plan, maintaining the accounts of the customers opened at the advertising platform of the Media Partner and arranging advertisement placement on the designated online media platforms of the Media Partner according to the requests of our customers. As an ancillary service, we will also design and produce short advertisement videos based on the request of our customers.