Our Business

Huashi Group Holdings Limited provided the following types of services to our customers: (i) branding services; (ii) traditional offline media advertising services; (iii) online media advertising services; (iv) event execution and production services; and (v) provision of advertisement placement services (including rebates from Media Partner).

【Branding services】We provide branding services to our customers where we will conduct market research and formulate comprehensive and customised branding services proposals for our customers covering various areas, including corporate brand building, products and/or services positioning, and marketing and sales strategies. We aim to provide comprehensive branding services to our customers, which generally include: (i) study and analysis on the brand of the customers; (ii) design and planning of the brand development strategies; (iii) design of the brand image; and (iv) formulation of products and/or services marketing and brand promotion plans.

【Traditional offline media advertising services】We provide advertising services to our customers on offline media. The major offline media advertising spaces we offered are (i) TV advertising space; (ii) radio advertising space; and (iii) outdoor advertising space. Our services cover most of the key stages in placing advertisement, including identifying the appropriate media mix, preparing the advertising proposal, procurement of advertising resources, arranging and supervising the placement of advertisements and evaluation of the advertisements’ effectiveness.

【Online media advertising services】We provide intermediary services to assist our customers to identify and select the relevant online advertising resources suppliers so that the advertisements of our customers could be placed on a wide variety of online platforms such as websites, search engines, applications and social media platforms. We offer customers suggestions on the forms of online advertisements and the types of online platforms after analysing the preference and behaviour of internet users, characteristics and effectiveness of various online platforms.

【Event execution and production services】We also assisted our customers in formulating, organising and implementing marketing campaigns and activities to promote their brands, services and products. Based on the objectives of our customers as well as the types of products or services to be marketed, we provide services covering all stages of organising marketing campaigns, including (i) formulating campaign strategies; (ii) devising design of the programmes, work plans and rundown of events; (iii) execution of the projects through procuring supply of materials and engaging third-party service providers; (iv) assisting with project management and overseeing the execution of marketing campaigns; and (v) evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns through public opinion.

【Provision of advertisement placement services (including rebates from Media Partner)】