Investor Relations

The company give high regard for environmental protection, and are committed to promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.  Therefore, we seek to integrate these core values into our business operation by adopting the “ESG Policy”.

Environmental protection – We have established policies including (i) handling procedures of recyclable and non-recyclable non-hazardous waste; (ii) reducing our emissions including greenhouse gas and water pollutants; (iii) efficient use of resources including water and electricity; and (iv) conducting annual review on our compliance of relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Occupational safety – We value the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy and efficient work environment for all of our employees. Our employees are required to abide by occupational health and safety regulations in the PRC, as well as our safety and health guidelines.

Employee trainings – We place significant emphasis on employee trainings and development. We invest in the education and training programs for our employees with the purpose of upgrading their knowledge on the latest development of the branding, advertising and marketing services industry.

Social responsibility – We care about our social responsibility and our relationship with different stakeholders in the community. We will conduct trainings and formulate staff handbook to strengthen our communication with our employees internally and organize community initiatives to maintain our bonding with external stakeholders.